Other Non-Profits, and Journalism

What America needs these days is a “corruption commission”.

This is a percentage fee paid to everyone that finds waste or thievery. Wall Street is only one beginning.

Much more universal than blowing a whistle, this idea is outright trumpeting.

In business, it’s conventional to pay a finders fee, for instance, but in our public life, there’s nothing.

It would be very good to think of supporting “whistle charities” to build our new culture based on honorable expenses, required vehicles and needed travel as well as quitting outright fraud in public and corporate offices.

In fact, a group formed along these lines could quickly trump the popular banner associations that bleed billions in non-profit causes. Are we broke because we cannot target our spending?

Britain is going through a huge scandal these days about raw exploitation of exec and gov expenses. Crushing manipulated line items would be great fun for Americans too.

Plus, journalists could take the job they were trained to finish.

Oh shit. It’s so Red Guard. But you know what I’m hoping.