Other nations have seen things

Cut, Kill, Dig, Drill by Jonathan Raban

Poujadism flourished most vigorously in the last years of the French Fourth Republic and articulated the economic interests and grievances of shop keepers and other proprietor-managers of small businesses facing economic and social change. The movement’s main revendication was of lower taxes; ideologically, the movement was corporatist, denouncing of the political, journalistic establishment; later, the movement grew increasingly nationalist and xenophobic and critical of parliamentary institutions.

The word poujadisme now has in France the general meaning of some political ideology that articulates the fears of some part of the population facing social or economic change, and that blame the problems on the “establishment” and the political system.

Palin the Poujadist

Everyone should learn this as quickly as possible! It’s been said, “This election is going to hinge on Ohio hockey moms who read the London Review of Books.”