opposition to zealotry

Gary Jones:

I tend to pretty much disagree with everyone and everything.

Feynman’s assertion that science is the belief in the ignorance of experts seems like simple good sense that generalizes to all aspects of human endeavor. Humans are fallible: this is a feature not a bug. Fail forward faster etc.

Everything that I know is wrong, though I don’t know what is wrong with what I know, or what is right, and assume that the same is true for you since I’ve seldom if ever seen contrary evidence that upon close examination proved to be sound.

I’m comfortable with the fact that we are all lack-wits and bumblers, and comfortable with continuing none the less to pursue immediate objectives that seem to be worthwhile given current circustances and understandings. Our current errors will be revealed shortly, though our general condition will be unchanged by those revealations.

Good cheer and a sense of humor are useful as salve for our embarrassment and wounds.