One young man speaks

It’s not for me to say. I really do not have the facts. Yet for those not speaking, one young man says:

I am a young muslim living in the UK I am ashamed and vey very angry with these Fanatics/Extremists. I would like to apologise and say how sorry I am to be co-religionist with these guys. I went to Pakistan when I was 17 and came back when I was 22. I been to a (Madrassa 2 years), Islamic University 3 Years. After completing my studies I went to Saudi Arabia for the Umrah(small Pilgrimage) I was shocked when I bought books because they taught hatred towards Jews and Christians. I was taught mainstream Islam which is traditional, Sufism Love, poetry, Music, integration, assimilation of other cultures. Saudi Arabia Unfortunately is the biggest state sponsor of terrorism they teach hatred, there form of islam is Wahabbism/Salafism they believe I am not a muslim! and 95% of muslims are not muslim! they believe shia are not muslim! thats why you got them killing shias in Iraq they have no tolerance of mainstream Islam or other religions. They probably hate Jews because of Israel! I got a lot of Jewish friends who are like me and you. Osama Bin Laden is from this school of Wahabism look dude who made him a scholar? he has no authority to call for Jihad he is not a scholar he is a Yo Yo first he was hedonistic then he became an extremist preaching hatred. We need the world Governments to confront Saudi Arabia regarding their version of Islam before its too late. If any readers who are young muslims please do not think I am crazy I am telling you the truth Bin Laden and his henchmen have no Authority to declare fatwas, They are misguided and are exploiting Islam for political purposes the entire muslim faith has been hijacked. There is no justification or reasoning behind suicide bombings. World needs to sort out the mess in Middle East. State Torture should be banned in all countries especially in the Middle East it radicalises people. Muslims need to wake up. Posted by Mohammed Suleiman on July 1, 2007

Way down the comment thread… Speaker’s Corner, “What can be done to make our country safer from terrorism?”