One month’s internet usage

Globally, 736 million people used the Internet during November.

501.7 million to Microsoft.
475.5 million to Google websites.
475.2 million to Yahoo sites.

YouTube placed 10th at 107.9 million visits, not included with Google.

eBay was fourth with 250.8 million.
Time Warner 222.1 million.
Wikipedia more than doubled to 171.9 million.
Amazon 143.9 million visitors.
MySpaceup four times to 130.4 million, eighth in November.
Ask Network, 110.9 million.

Story at Physorg

Advertisers currently direct 96 percent of their spending for online display ads to pages that represent just 30 percent of overall Web traffic. McKinley Quarterly reports, “…advertisers will spend $9 billion to $12 billion on paid search in 2007, up from around $5 billion in 2005. Video ads expect to reach from $1.4 billion to $3.2 billion in 2007. more at this article at Rising Demand For Online Advertising Could Surpass Supply

…advertisers probably won’t be interested in much of what’s available. The complex task of spreading media spending across thousands of small Web sites, many with different ad formats, means that advertisers tend to return to heavily trafficked sites, where supply is at a premium. Even on the big portals, marketers are leery of having their ads placed near consumer-generated content that might be objectionable.