One cow supplies heat for 10 people

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rural upfloat biogas digesterBackyard Biogas
GEI trains farmers to manage and maintain the “upfloating” biogas systems, small tanks that employ simple technology and require only one cow or three pigs to provide 1–2 five-person households with year-round heating and cooking fuel.

Each cubic foot of methane has about l,000 BTUs. A gas stove burner produces 8,000 BTUs. It’s possible to produce about 45 cubic feet of gas from one day’s manure from a 1000 pound cow, theoretically operating 5 burners.

The University of Florida calls this approach an “animal manure management system

“It’s not often that one technology can solve several major problems, but our innovative animal manure management system is a sustainable option for dairies and other livestock operations that produces renewable energy and protects the environment.”

There are billions of livestock – predominantly cattle – responsible for an astonishing proportion of global warming gases – 18 per cent of the total – a fifth of all emissions – which is more greenhouse gas than all vehicles produce.