once forever

You never see what I see seeing you. Beauty will not fit twice.

If I could a walk a longer mile,
If I could talk a wider smile,
If I could bring a heavy weight to gravity,
If I could gild a deeper gold,
If I could find a finer bold,
There you’ll be aside of me.

Were I to have your eyes, eyes that swoon the stars to shine,
I’d love me with those eyes, I’d wash me with those eyes,
and bring our gentle manner to its etiquette and grace,
conjure our deepest passions to their potent restraint.
I’d lose my willfulness. I’d lose it in love.

Were I sculpt of your beauty, drawn in liquid color,
I’d pour my dance into my skin, move the world to melody.
I’d lose my fear. I’d lose it in love.

Were I to have your nature, spilled in heart and caved in sugar,
I’d wash you in delight and ravish your footsteps on this earth.
I’d lose my agony. I’d lose it in love.