Old Soul

Vandweller Eagle SoulIf I should die before we have a chance
To say goodbye…
Remember me
Remember me.

I followed my heart instead of the pack
Set out on this trail and never looked back
When my final sunset fades to black…
Remember me
Remember me.

For I didn’t really die; just changed;
One more adventure though it seems strange.
It wasn’t my choice but the will of The Creator
All beings be blessed and I’ll catch you all later

In the cold tingle of the fresh fallen snow;
On the hot summer nights where the South winds blow
In the will towards the light of the seeds as they grow
If you’re ever wondering about where the birds go…
Remember me
Remember me.

I didn’t last long but don’t mourn for me;
Be sad for the ones who never live free.

Better a season in freedom than a lifetime in chains
So when that last ripple is all that remains…
Remember me
Remember me.

VanDweller – still here on May 25, 2004, hopefully for as long as my skin holds out, I can still hear the music in the song of the birds, and I finish all my book & recording projects!