OK. Don’t believe this.

Tip To Kaila: TIME/CNN:

Hillary Clinton enthusiastically picked a filly named Eight Belles to win the Kentucky Derby and compared herself to the horse. Eight Belles finished second. The winner was the favorite, Big Brown.

Eight Belles collapsed immediately after crossing the finish line, and was euthanized shortly thereafter.


My friend asks, “I fear for the Democrats. Will we be stuck with another term of “Bush Politics”? I hope not.”

My desperate reply:

“Golly, if America repeats with McBush, it’s truly not America any longer. Some tired ol’ Brit thing maybe, but not Grand USA.

“Maybe weird things occur in this odd living. Surprise seems common.

“I celebrate the arguing though. Who knows really? I’m hoping good rants and steep contests will appear now, then, and beyond the election.

Per Obama: “Pretty Bright huh?!? Joy to have around.”