nuts and nuttier

Sarah’s rousing issue:

She was referring specifically to the new one-dollar coin on which, she said, the familiar phrase “In God We Trust” would no longer be prominently displayed on the face of the coin but instead moved to the outer edge. “It’s a disturbing trend,” she said.

(The journalist bought a $30 ticket to hear her speech. The new coins were introduced by the Republican-led Congress in 2005 and commissioned by President Bush.)

Comedy gold on healthcare:

What may they feel about an elderly person who doesn’t have a whole lot of productive years left?….In order to save government money, government health care has to be rationed… [so] than this elderly person that perhaps could be seen as costing taxpayers to pay for a non-productive life? Do you think our elderly will be first in line for limited health care? And what about the child who perhaps isn’t deemed normal or perfect per someone’s subjective measure of their use or questionable purpose in the eyes of a panel of bureaucrats making our health care decisions for us.