Now’s the time

Authoritarianism is a word we must learn.

My first thought about “Broken Government: How Republican Rule Destroyed the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches

There’s much labor in John Dean’s “Broken Government” and he’s telling good research. Our job now is to display our discoveries with each other, with John Dean, and enjoy a better world.

  1. We each are the authority of opinion.
  2. We’re certain about our opinion.
  3. A better opinion is certain.
  4. Thus our Democracy.

I look forward to the day we learn to agree. Sometimes I’d settle for just one sentence, with or without truth, where we can agree!

An election is a good start. We will go forward, building our prosperity, adjudicating with forbearance, yes. And we will be new, and good – living finely with our good ideas and our good Nation. Thus our America!

Our frontier is this: “Come together“.