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Executive – one who can make significant decisions on his own authority.
Recent executive orders of G.W.Bush:

– Move political appointees to permanent posts

– Cut Medicaid
– Workers to refuse “morally objectionable” procedures
– Revising rules for international drug trials
– Narrowing the definition of combat related disability
– Allowing states to set premiums and raise co-payments

– Mining near the Grand Canyon
– Discounting global warming when assessing species risks
– Weakening the Endangered Species Act
– Eliminating review of fishing regulations
– Allowing more emissions from power plants
– Opening protected land to energy development
– Allowing factory farms to self-regulate waste
– Altering solid waste definition
– Allowing snowmobiles in Yellowstone
– Allowing coal companies to dump dirt and rock into streams

– Allowing guns in national parks
– Allowing broader law-enforcement monitoring
– Implementing the REAL ID Act

– Truckers to work 14 hour days
– Requiring labor unions to file extensive financial reports
– Making it harder to regulate toxic substances on the job
– Stripping collective bargaining rights from federal employees
– Relaxing rules on investment adviser conflicts of interest
– Revising H-2A visa rules to lower wages

– Reducing corporate taxes