Not as it seems

After nearly 30 years of cranky argument, the results of laissez-faire policies and inaction now roosts across government agencies. Programs for infrastructure, poverty, education, health and civil culture are raped while a mere ruckus misdirects our military and hoists 19th Century economic nationalism.

The food supply for the nation is tainted and certainly the media will be no better reporting errors than skeleton agencies can discover mistakes and dangers.

What are stories outside the USA saying about American exports and food quality?

A few minutes with Google brings the following:

• chicken meat from Tyson Foods Inc. for salmonella
• pork from Cargill for a leanness-enhancing feed additive
• chicken from Sanderson Farms Inc. for growth and anti-parasite drugs
• salted pig innards from Triumph Foods
• chicken feet from Intervision Foods for salmonella
• pig ears from Van Luin for additive ractopamine
• pork by AJC International for ractopamine

A crack down on Chinese products and tainted Chinese ingredients is one part of the story.

Using potentially toxic chemicals or adulterants to lift profits can be avoided across the world, but not while leaders merely argue and make government policy on the advice of a pulpit.