no safe level of lead exposure

The first global paint report:

  1. University of Cincinnati found that 73 percent of consumer paint brands tested from 12 countries representing nearly half the global population exceeded current US standard of 600 parts per million for lead in paint.

  2. Nearly 70% of the brands had at least one sample exceeding 10,000 ppm.

  3. American consumer paints are required to lower the permissible lead limit from 600 ppm to 90 ppm as of Aug 9.

wikipedia: Lead causes nervous system damage, hearing loss, stunted growth, and delayed development; can cause kidney damage and affects every organ system of the body. It also is dangerous to adults, and can cause reproductive problems for both men and women. Paint with significant lead content is still used in industry and by the military. For example, leaded paint is sometimes used to paint roadways and parking lot lines.