No need to wait

“No need to wait to die to go to heaven. We could have heaven on earth. Like many true believers, we not only believed it but we sang about its wonders at every opportunity.”

On maverickisms, says at 91 years old:

In the Faust legend, Faust makes a deal with the devil for one supreme moment in a life that would go on forever. Of course the bargain doesn’t work out that way once the the Devil, Mephistopheles, takes control and Faust is doomed. For McCain, his supreme moment in life would be the Presidency. His bargain with the right wing nuts of the party will make him their prisoner. No matter how the election turns out, this could be his doom. Even if elected, I don’t believe he would be able to cancel the deal he made with the right wing and thus would remain their prisoner. Not a very assuring scenario considering the problems the next President will be confronting.

On 2008, says at 91 years old:

…the most historic election campaign that I have lived through.

As expected, the right wing nuts are going crazy just thinking about Obama winning, so all the stops are out. My hope is that all those young ‘warriors’ that have joined the Obama crusade will be able to pull it off.

God I wish I could have joined them.

The most memorable days of my life have been spent in crusades marching and singing and speeching. However this comes out, I just love those new recruits to the band of happy warriors who have made the world a better place and helped make it possible to have a candidate like Obama. That’s what people have done through the years to win the struggle for a better and more equal society.

Older men do things while the young think there is not enough time.