No chaos, no thought

Reading is a pleasure, and chaos too.I first learned of systems when NASA launched Apollo. It was called cybernetics. [wiki]

I’ve not become an expert, I’ve spoken with a few, and grateful for it, and I’ve developed a radar that tells me when Napoleon comes to dinner and we’re not sufficiently pondering.

This is a neat statement:

To think and act differently – to appreciate systemic complexity and act purposefully to improve complex situations is one of the major needs of our times! [my bold]

And this:

‘As an easy solution to a complex problem, this is what targets do. It’s not that they are too ambitious or can’t be made to work, at least temporarily; it’s that optimising the parts is the enemy of the much greater returns that only system reform can deliver.’

Is that too obscure? Of course. On stage during a lecture, Buckminster Fuller leaned heavily into an imaginary wall. He said, “When you go like this, you push the earth.” Does that clear things up?