Nightmare McCain

McBush? Please no!

The choice between Obama and McCain is as fundamental as between the future and the past.

“We did not arrive at the doorstep of our current economic crisis by some accident of history.”

New York Times, June 10, 2008

With Fall Vote in View, Obama Assails McCain on Economy

Obama Assails McCain, New York TimesRALEIGH, N.C. — Senator Barack Obama, with the Democratic stage to himself for the first time, began a two-week assault on Senator John McCain’s economic policies in a series of battleground states on Monday, moving to focus on the ailing economy as the central theme of the general election campaign.

… relieve the hardships of American families

… rescue the economy from the brink of recession.

… a more active government role in restoring the nation’s economic health and aiding distressed families.

… no McCain tax cuts for corporations.

… preserve Social Security by requiring higher payments from the wealthy.

… resist all efforts to privatize Social Security or raise the retirement age.

… repeal the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest.

Assail McCain has a ring to it.

“We were promised a fiscal conservative. Instead, we got the most fiscally irresponsible administration in history.

“And now John McCain wants to give us another. “

Well, we’ve been there once. “

We’re not going back.”

“Bottom-up prosperity will keep America strong and competitive in the 21st century.”