New products help spew the flu

Be careful.
Beware the “other computer viruses”.
Because up to 80% of flu cases are contracted by touching an infected object.

Most germs, including the influenza virus, can survive for only about five minutes on your hands, but they can live for up to two days on phones, keyboards, mice and other surfaces.

Mike Elgan writes in Computer World that our equipment is, “a thriving freak show of an ecosystem teaming with nasty, microbial sea monkeys.”

“…your chances of infection — and spreading the infection within your office — are alarmingly high.”

Here are the relative germ densities of frequently touched office equipment:

  • Phone: 25,127 germs per square inch
  • Desktop surface: 20,961 germs per square inch
  • Keyboard: 3,295 germs per square inch
  • Mouse: 1,676 germs per square inch
  • Fax machine: 301 germs per square inch
  • Copy machine: 69 germs per square inch
  • Toilet seat: 49 germs per square inch.

Mike offers tips and products that can make a difference.