neurotoxins in the fog

Coastal fog importing mercury from the ocean on to the land.

There’s a ‘wash-out’ of methylmercury — a sort of invisible bathtub ring of fog.

These are unheard of levels…

EPA Will Finally Cut Coal Industry’s Toxic Mercury Pollution

1990 —amended Clean Air Act ordered standards for mercury and other toxic air pollution from power plants.

2000 —court decree mandate but the rules were repeatedly delayed.

2006 —Bush rules thrown out by the courts for failing to protect public health.

The health risks of mercury and arsenic are enormously well-documented. In the 21 years since the EPA was ordered to issue these rules, 17 states have independently acted to limit mercury emissions from power plants. Coal-fired power plants alone produce 772 million pounds of airborne toxins every year—2.5 pounds for every American.

Even with this finalized Mercury and Air Toxics Standards rule, power plants will have years to comply. Upgrading power plants to cut air toxics is expected to create 31,000 construction jobs to 158,000 jobs installing pollution controls.