Mitt Romney’s Omissions

Omerta is a code of silence practiced by the Mafia; a refusal to give evidence. Politicians are also protected by the code of omerta if corporate media is unwilling to convey details and omissions.

Mitt Romney told the nation that he believes there are appropriate questions about a candidate’s religion. He said, “And I will answer them today.” but promptly left the podium without taking any questions. Romney said nothing about Mormon doctrine except to pledge his beliefs will not affect his policy or decision making.

Here’s are a few points that Mitt Romney did not say are his beliefs as a Mormon.

  • God was once a man.
  • God has a body of flesh and bone.
  • God lives on a planet near the star Kolob.
  • Jesus was married.
  • Christ was conceived by God having sex with Mary.
  • Some men will have more than one wife.
  • Dark skin is a curse from God, the result of sin. [repealed 1978]
  • The Garden of Eden was in Missouri.
  • Christ will not return to earth in any year that has seen a rainbow.
  • The sun receives its light from the star Kolob.

For additional detail, Richard Packham has compiled a digest here. The Stayin’ Alive blog has a few mediating comments.

Lawrence O’Donnell at Huffington Post attracted 100s of comments pointing out that “Mormonism isn’t as flexible as Catholicism. It’s a hook, line and sinker deal. You buy it all–every word of the Book of Mormon and its supplement, the Book of Abraham–or you’re not a Mormon… if Romney were to admit to doubts and reservations, the Church of Latter Day Saints would be forced to say he is no longer a Mormon.”

Romney may be provided an unusual boost from the media. His investment firm has offered almost $20 billion to purchase Clear Channel.

Clear Channel owns more than 1,100 full-power AM, FM, and shortwave radio stations, twelve radio channels on XM Satellite Radio, and more than 30 television stations in the United States.

Premiere Radio Networks, which is the largest syndication company in the United States, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Clear Channel and is home to Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and many others. Sean Hannity recently signed a large multi-market contract with Clear Channel, as well. [via Dvorak]