Misogyny rules

We would not see Jihad were the hate of women revealed as the pride of men.

And we would not see a paternal G. W. Bush take us to the Last Days if Eve were never blamed and Evil never brought to the dinner table.

The issue of dominance colors too much of where conflict is born and dominance is first men over women. It’s not men that men seek to win.

There’s been so much in my years that changed the world and it may be a regard for sisters the most of it.

For example, Lennon’s Bed-In shocked to every front page, not the sheets but the woman with him was the first of firsts. I am too weak to explain how far women came these poor few years, but I am strong enough to say it is the first time in all of history.

All the Western World civilized. The punk retreated and treaty for the first time became the task of leaders. We must remember these good years. Ignoring the polyester and the pantsuit, it’s still the first era of pants for all of us.

No one reduces women by saying women have been reduced. Our human shadow can always hide by claiming the light it uses must be preserved. But it’s the brave women that wouldn’t shave and the loud women that wouldn’t leave the club and the thousands of women without a bra and it’s the millions of women that opened their own door…. These are the women that stopped the tricks of male dominance. These are the few decades without war.

Unless men stop the dance of dominance, we will war. And women will pay.

Thus misogyny remains critical.