midterm message is no-confidence

1) The people are rejecting both parties.

2) All recent elections were rejections, not affirmations.

Thomas Ferguson:

What the election really shows is not that the parties can’t agree — Democrats and most of the GOP leadership finally agreed on the bank bailouts, for example — but that the American people will not accept the policies that leaders in both parties prefer.

In 2006 and 2008, the population voted no-confidence in the Republicans on the war and the economy. They have just now presented the Democrats with another resounding a no-confidence vote. What makes the current situation intractable is the fundamental reason for these serial failures.

It’s obvious !

Big money dominates both major parties.

American political parties are mostly bank accounts. What you are told is the voice of the people is usually the sound of money talking.

If you want a happy ending, you probably shouldn’t follow our system too closely in the next few years.

A few things to note… the two Presidents who added to the debt at the quickest rate were GW in first place and Reagan in second.