Melting is massive

New lakes appear in melting permafrostPlaces that five or 10 years ago were empty tundra are now dotted with lakes — a result of thawing permafrost.

As the northern permafrost and tundra come to life, massive quantities of gas will be released as bacteria once frozen in the landscape are revived.

Reuters is reporting that the greatest increase in global warming might be melting microbes mooching mammoth dung – layers and layers of waste from huge herds of prehistoric animals mixed with previously frozen ancient plants, grasses and tundra.

A top regional scientist studying northern soils of Russia, areas the size of central Europe, reports that the warming organic matter will soon come to life. Massive quantities of gas will be released, such as methane, dwarfing mankind’s emissions and accelerating warming irreversibly.

The potential releases of carbon are “so gigantic that they dwarf global oil reserves”.