Melamine feed scatters

Juvenile hatchery fishInvestigating the starter diet for juvenile salmon and trout, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife discovered and confirmed that the Skretting Co. shipped melamine contaminated feed – labeled as Bio-Oregon Bio-Vita Starter – which has been used in the Willamette, Gnat Creek, Big Creek, Cole Rivers, Butte Falls and Leaburg fish hatcheries. Hatchery managers discontinued using any remaining fish feed from the lot in question and notified the FDA. [story]

When feed compounders discovered that raw materials were poisoned, did they seal and withdraw the shipments from the market?

Did feed producers stop distributing contaminated product?

Instead it seems that the contaminated raw material became a quick bargain for increased profit taking.

The FDA’s show of inability and its late, weak response to poisoned animal feed indicates that the fashion of reducing, eliminating or damaging government services leaves us at risk.

The ideology of the so-called ‘free market’ has exceeded common sense.

What’s an ideology?
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