Media’s dinner

The three letters in the FCC contain three words: compromise, failure, betrayal. But another most important word must be added: easy.

Here’s a brilliant example of Washington Spin.

F.C.C. Chief Forced to Scale Back Cable Plan

“In the face of a lobbying blitzkrieg from cable television executives and their lobbyists, the head of the Federal Communications Commission said this evening that he had struck a compromise to salvage…”


There’s a population of millions being hustled by cable, a pipe that ingeniously drains cash from our homes, but the Washington media finds a way to induce our sympathy because a tiny crew with offices on one D.C. street has stumped a coward on his way to lunch? This might be the blitzkrieg Hitler overlooked.

Cartoons for spaghetti at The PalmHow to speak easy:
The ‘power words’ [wiki] compacted by this brilliant NYTimes powdered wig would sink attendance at a Hudson Valley poetry reading, but for poor Americans these words are merely funding the palm at a piety reading in Washington.

Thomas Jefferson recommended that the capital of the United States must be relocated to a new location with a new staff each generation in order to prevent the lifting of a more dangerous elite than Europe had ever dreamed.