Media in moral trouble

struggle of faithYou know what would be really revolutionary in the world of breaking news, and news reporting in general? If, every time a soldier died in this illegal war we’re mired in, the media would give them as much attention as they give so-called celebrities. If our media really supports the troops, their actions should show it. And if we really support the troops, we should demand that they do.

What if the media gave each military fatality the same attention they’ve given Anna Nicole Smith?

And what if they asked the following questions every single time someone died in this war? Questions like:

What took this person to war in the first place?
On what grounds was he or she there?
For what noble cause did they die?
Stop it Now by Debi Smith

John M. Grohol, Psy.D. asks, “Why are people fascinated by celebrities, such as Anna Nicole Smith, and their rise in fame and their inevitable downfall?” And he answers:

“I’m sad whenever someone dies, especially at such a young age. However, many American soldiers die every day in Iraq (as well as countless Iraqis), and that is never the lead news story on your local evening news.

“The double standard arises because, I believe, many civilized societies have simply become bored with the humdrum of everyday, suburban, 9-5 life. Even war deaths can become a part of the ordinary. We look for something out of the ordinary to lighten our own personal loads. We look for excitement and entertainment from those who’ve shown some sort of talent, flair, or ability to garner publicity for themselves. “Hey, a public figure did something embarrassing!” It takes the focus, for however short, off of our lives, which may or may not be as fulfilling, emotionally-satisfying or interesting as we’d like.

“And for some people, it may harken to something more… A lack of meaning in the person’s life. Some people lead an existence that lacks significant intrinsic meaning. You don’t find intrinsic meaning in your children, your husband or wife, or your job. You can only find such meaning inside yourself. Some people don’t know, don’t care, or haven’t bothered to do this examination, and therefore value other people’s lives in a manner that gives their own short shrift.”