McBush wool over us

Most Americans who will not vote will say a vote is meaningless. Voting for McBush is meaningless.

He’s merely arranging chairs, such as reappointing former CIA director James Woolsey and reigniting the Committee on the Present Danger. Loose and unrestrained, Woolsey asks us to support the idea we are in World War IV.

Founded in 1950 to combat the “red menace” of communism, revived in the 70s, McBush brings back the same lawmakers, academics, and business people into his fight with “Islamic terrorism”. Among this post-Wolfowitz cadre, most seek to include Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia.

Too satisfied raising themselves to take America along their potted rhetoric, the Committee is cited in 2004 in The Washington Post saying that Islamic terrorism had become the greatest danger to American freedom.

The Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks awoke all Americans to the capabilities and brutality of our new enemy, but today too many people are insufficiently aware of our enemy’s evil worldwide designs, which include waging jihad against all Americans and re-establishing a totalitarian religious empire in the Middle East. The past struggle against communism differed in some ways from the current war against Islamist terrorism. But America’s freedom and security, which each has aimed to undermine, are exactly the same.

I don’t argue that militants truly endanger us, nor that we must sustain alert and emboldened action, but these pirates fail to help us.