Math inside Google, and profits too!

“The American Mathematical Society is featuring an article with an in-depth explanation of the type of mathematical operations that power PageRank.

Because about 95% of the text on the 25 billion pages indexed by Google consist of the same 10,000 words, determining relevance requires an extremely sophisticated set of methods.

And because the links constituting the web are constantly changing and updating, the relevance of pages needs to be recalculated on a continuous basis.”

More at slashdot…

My comment:
Google likes to see this:

Google’s PageRank algorithm assesses the importance of web pages without human evaluation of the content. In fact, Google feels that the value of its service is largely in its ability to provide unbiased results.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Google is a business. A business listed on the NYSE.
There’s is no such thing as a lack of bias in business.
Thus the NYSE.

But it seems to be true that search engines are changing this year and next. Bravo!

The goal seems to be to remove many of the junk sites, to improve the basic experience for average users — repair the landing page — and of course, to improve the advert spend.