Marvin Holt, Attorney, Minneapolis

I miss you Marvin.
You are too not spoken.

You cared if I was livin’.
You cared I might be dead.

Even fathers do that.

For fun, we can always ask,
Is a bell necessary on a bicycle?”

Marvin A. Holt, lawyerMarvin A. Holt passed away 11/07 at age 94.

Survived by his wife of 57 years, Isabel Holt (a skater with Shipstad and Johnson Ice Follies); sons, Bradley Holt & Reed Holt; 5 grandchildren.

Marvin was a graduate of Gustavus Adolphus and William Mitchell College of Law. He crossed the English Channel as Captain for the 1944 Normandy Invasion and then served in the Judge Advocate Office in Naples, Italy, until September 1945.

In 1951 the army ordered him to report for duty for the Korean War. His wife joined him while he was on duty in Japan. In 1952 he returned to his private law practice. He also, with his wife, were members of the U.S.A. Power Squadron. [obit link]