Mammals won for 2 reasons

A deep undercurrent of Robert Paterson’s Prince Edward Island blog, looking beneath the surface, has been how difficult it is for a conventional organization to adopt a 2.0 world. As if to say, the ‘intermodal multinodal cybernetic society’ has a very long way to go.

The entrenched habits of control, centralization and top down could not be shifted. No amount of appeals, about the power of a 2.0 world, more speed, better information, better conection inside and outside the enterprise, landed with the change.

I think we all underestimated the height and the steepness of the slope of the “landscape” that had to be crossed to go into the next “valley” of the 2.0 world.

Peaks and Valleys of Progress and Fitness

Systems remain stable for a long time – so long as the key environment to support them exists. For real change to occur, you have to get out of the “valley”, over the mountain and into the next valley. So the dinosaurs ruled for millions of years, while the more adaptive mammals lurked in the shadows waiting the moment when the environment would change and set them free.

So until last week, it was still possible for organizations to chug along with a 1.0 perspective. For its key environmental factor, cheap and easy credit and access to capital was still in place.

Well dear readers – this is no longer the case. The asteroid has hit the worlds financial markets and the dinosaurs will die. Large cumbersome beings that need a lot of capital and credit and who cannot adapt quickly will die.

Credit and assets based on cheap credit are simply evaporating. So is the “photosynthesis” process of capital and credit creation. Investment banking and conventional banking is in the process of losing its own capital base. Even the credit of the US itself will be tested to the limit in the ensuing months.

What we are experiencing is not a normal correction but the equivalent of an asteroid strike.

Robert warns, “It will get worse” and offers thoughtful advice along the way: 2.0 world will emerge from the ashes of the Financial Capital World.

Network from matrix
And matrix from node,
To coin a modern ode.