Low flying hawks

If I were suddenly to become a hawk, I would still believe the Bush Administration has failed. Many supporters of war are unhappy.

Hoping for the next presidency, the Newt Gingrich stump says “It has been almost six years since the attacks of 9/11, and the United States has yet to confront the threat posed by the irreconcilable wing of Islam.”

“The current strategy, structures, and resources of the American security apparatus are utterly inadequate to meet the challenges confronting the country.

“The United States faces active enemies that work every day to destroy it. Still, the United States does not act with the urgency of purpose required for victory.

“In comparison, after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, it took the United States and its allies less than four years to defeat Italy, Germany and Japan. In less than four years, the United States built a two-ocean navy, put 15,500,000 men and women in uniform, produced more than 50,000 aircraft a year (and more than 100,000 armored vehicles in 1944 alone) and built the most expensive project, the B-29, and the second most expensive project, the atomic bomb.

“The gap between what it will take for the United States to win this war and what is actually being done is so wide that [war continues to be so invigorating…]