Lotto Voting

Likely observers, er, lucky observers of the American election season have a chance to make cash by following our vote,

Here’s the Labor Day Odds. (Bet wisely.)

Sarah Palin is now an 8/1 shot (from 16/1) to be dropped off the Republican ticket prior to November’s election.

What surprise will the Alaskan Senator next spring on the American public?

Sarah’s Next Surprise
5/4 Driving Offense
7/4 Cheated in school or college exams
10/1 Arrested for flashing
25/1 Is a member of Church of Scientology
33/1 Moose burger addiction
40/1 Donated money to the Obama campaign
50/1 Wears Bill Clinton pajamas to bed
250/1 Breaking and entering an Igloo
500/1 Abducted by aliens

Will McCain drop Sarah?
8/1 Palin is dropped as Republican VP
20/1 Sarah Palin is dropped as the Republican VP candidate by Sunday 7th September

Next US President?
4/9 Barack Obama
13/8 John McCain

Ken Robertson political betting analyst for Paddy Power said, “We’ve had numerous requests from punters across the globe looking for odds on different stories to emerge regarding the Sarah Palin, breaking and entering an igloo at 250/1 is my personal favorite but I would consider it extremely unlikely!”

New Yorker coverJane Smiley’s view is there’s a very selfish group in charge.

“When we look at Bush, Cheney, McCain, and Palin, what we see are different varieties of selfishness. Bush’s selfishness is defensive, stubborn, and dumb. Cheney’s is power-mad. Those were bad enough, and even the Republican platform agrees that they have been destructive.

“McCain’s selfishness is impulsive and hotheaded, while Palin’s is simply heedless (and, judging by reports from Wasilla, vengeful). So, there you have it. The Republicans think that selfishness is a winning ticket that always appeals to something in the American people–would that be selfishness?

“Obama has made his opposition to selfishness explicit. That doesn’t mean he will win–unless the bookies are right.

“I hope they are.

“Because four or eight more years of lying, cheating, opportunism, war-mongering, refusal to prepare for things, and a lack of “vetting” will surely do us in. And let’s be clear. There is no one in the world, not even Putin, who can do us in. It can only be suicide.”