Lost in the lessening trees

One hundred forty three countries have agreed to protect the world’s uncontacted and indigenous tribes from annihilation.

There are 10 nations that could care less.

  1. Indonesia,
  2. Botswana,
  3. Brazil,
  4. Peru,
  5. Paraguay,
  6. Malaysia,
  7. Australia,
  8. Canada,
  9. New Zealand,
  10. and the USA.

These are the ten nations against the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

  1. The Indonesian military is raping, torturing and killing isolated tribes to take their land.

  2. The government of Botswana has evicted the ancient Bushmen from their land.
  3. Brazil ranchers are hiring gunmen to take Guarani Indian land.
  4. Peru is taking forests of the world’s last uncontacted tribes and all of them are facing extinction.
  5. Paraguay is destroying forests of the last uncontacted tribes south of the Amazon.
  6. Malaysia is forcing nomadic tribes of Sarawak off their land for oil palm plantations.
  7. Australia,
  8. Canada,
  9. New Zealand
  10. and the USA are buying the timber, the biofuel, the beef.

A scathing report shames Australia’s 1990s government for neglect of native rights. The study examines the health and wellbeing of indigenous peoples in all over the world.

Uncontacted tribes are on the run

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