Listen to a Professional

Dan Rather indicts corporate media manipulation as “coverage that leaves the American public ignorant.”

“Write these people, call these people …tell them you deserve a press that provides the raw material of Democracy.”

Pointed out at the LATimes, “Seasoned newsman Dan Rather spoke out about the demise of an independent press, the lack of unbiased news coverage, conglomerate control and the way in which the mainstream media manipulates viewers for the almighty dollar.”

A blog commentor has said about Sarah Palin refusing media questions except under terms and conditions established by her Campaign,

Every now and again I stumble upon a MSM article and – reading the comments – am faced with the stark reality that the vast majority of Americans buy into the “red team vs blue team” WWF-style bull match that is political discourse in this country.

I know it’s fun to root for “your team” but you might want to pay attention long enough to recognize that the same group of multi-national corporate interests own both teams, the stadium, and everything else slightly related to the game.

Here’s Dan Rather’s 6-minute take on mainstream media manipulation.