Limbaugh Bio

“He helped set the agenda,” says Karl Rove. “Dear Rush, Thanks for all you’re doing to promote Republican and conservative principles,” wrote Ronald Reagan.

The nation is poorer since Rush Limbaugh.

  • Used to terminate bad call-ins with “The Caller Abortion” — the sound of a vacuum cleaner and a woman’s scream.
  • ?Has five houses on one piece of Florida property. His main house is 24,000 sq. feet and has a guest suite designed to look exactly like the presidential suite in the George V Hotel in Paris.

Rude is not smarts. “Before it’s all over, it’ll be called the Ted Kennedy memorial health care bill,” Limbaugh pipes.

NYTimes: Who has surfaced as the saviors of the Republican Party? Bobby Jindal, Michael Steele and Rush Limbaugh, otherwise known as the axis of drivel.

NYTimes: Miracles Take Time, The renegade clowns who ruined this economy, the Republican right in alliance with big business and some feckless Democrats, have no basis for waging war against efforts to get us out of their mess.