Left only with the politics

We know little about the rich. This most important scholarship barely exists. But it’s fun to moan.

Found at wood s lot, Glen Ford ramps his rant into fine rhythm:

When politicians offer nothing, and the people demand nothing, then the powers-that-be are free to continue doing whatever they choose.

The death knell of participatory politics can often be a very noisy, celebratory affair – such as we have witnessed in the call-and-response ritual of “Change!” “Hope!” and other exuberant but insubstantial campaign exercises.

Finally, the most accomplished slickster in presidential history, Bill Clinton, was compelled to expose Barack Obama’s “fairy tale” anti-war history – some truth for a “change.” Black Agenda Report knows the story very well, after more than four years of observing Obama’s descent from vaguely progressive rhetoric to shameless pandering (to whites) and vapid “Change!” mantra nonsense.

Only the rich can win this game.

Bitching about Obama? Ford seems to be warning us, “Although ‘change’ may come, it will be at the direction of the rich.”