Lazy programming

Newshutch blog says it like I’ve wanted.

“No user interface design mistake bothers me more than when too much information is forced into a tiny non-resizable area. As usual, Microsoft is the worst offender.

If you want to see some real doozies, check out the Interface hall of shame.”

Too often in the software marketplace what makes an expert is someone able to sell lousy programming

Chuck Woodford who helped develop the parallel port coding for an early Phoenix BIOS said to me, “Brian, I’m not talented. I’m just more willing to be bored when I stay up night after night to trace circuit after circuit.”

I’ve tutored users since the 1980s. I’ve heard myself encourage brilliant people not to give up because they couldn’t make their fingers execute what their brain saw as stupid.

I’ve watched lame and lazy opportunists become wealthy entrepreneurs because they were willing to promote stumbling ugly interface to bewildered but eager customers.

When my fingers navigate unnecessary nests, tiny buttons, and menu options that escape to nul, I want to sail my boat into Seattle with a song and an anthem that spangles not only stars but stock markets.