Lawn and Order

Children should play on pesticide-free grass“The cumulative effects of being exposed to many different pesticides over a lifetime represent an unquantified and unacceptable risk to all Canadian children.” – College of Family Physicians [link]

Municipalities across Canada are passing by-laws to restrict the use of cosmetic pesticides, [link].

Many pesticides may no longer be used for “enhancing the appearance of gardens and lawns as well as parks, recreational facilities and golf courses.”

By 2008, homeowners and landscape firms will face fines in 100s of cities.

The Supreme Court of Canada cites the internationally recognized ‘precautionary principle’ when cities and towns create rules to ban harmful pesticides in ‘order to promote health or reduce environmental risk’.

The Canadian Cancer Society, family and pediatric medical associations and local governments are steadily turning against common pesticides that have been “persuasively linked” to cancer, neurological impairment, and reproductive problems. [link]