Judge any King

Bill Moyers ponders judicial activism, better called a red herring methinks to fold the RNC into local electioneering. He asks, “How Strictly Should The Constitution Be Followed?

Although I’m not sure strict or followed are words to attach to The Constitution, I answered with my tiny bit,

I have come to treasure any activism: All Activism. Noise so loud may better us. Inactivism? Now that’s annoying.

I like Judith’s view:

The constitution is open to interpretation – ALL judges are political activists – that’s why we need judges who interpret the constitution’s original purpose – to protect the people from KINGS – Today’s KINGS wear corporate dress and flag pins.

And then Jaden reminds us we are merely a cacophony we call human:

Judges must base all their decisions on the exact wording of the law. That’s the law. The problem is people have different interpretations of exact words. Remember Bill Clinton saying that it depends on what the meaning of “is” is.