jailhouse heat zapper

Raytheon says its millimeter wave ‘heat ray’ is safe and “offers the best non-lethal solution available”. Inmates in the Los Angeles jail system will soon find out.

Raytheon jailhouse heat rayAn ‘intolerable heating sensation’.

In a dorm assault, where you might have 150 inmates screaming, we can’t stop that assault until we gather a response force, and we’re hoping to utilize the technology to target the inmate that is precipitating the attack and stop it until we can bring in the cavalry.

“And if I was someone intent on murdering another human being, we need to know if [the pain] will be intense enough to cause me to stop, and there is no way to know other than to use it.”

We’ll also want an entirely new spin on the Jailhouse Blues, ladies & gentleman; the Directed Energy Assault Intervention Blues.

Other tech on the horizon:

—an LED Incapacitator pulsing high-intensity light and color,
—front-line audio video feed from riot officers to command center,
—peek-around cameras and through-the-wall radar,
—urban-scale unmanned aerial vehicles,
—drug, chemical and contraband sniffers…

Operated by a joystick, the AID system ’emits a focused beam of wave energy that travels at the speed of light, penetrating the skin to a depth of 1/64 of an inch and producing a heating sensation that causes targeted individuals to flee. The sensation will immediately cease when the targeted individual moves away from the beam.’

More than 14,000 human effect tests completed !