I’ve got horrid troubles

I want tomorrow.

Ingenuity is lifted only with love.

Yes, there are poor ideas, even Jefferson warned: None of us are enough unless we trust prospects, make rewards, and respect each other; the genius of breathing is the oxygen of tomorrow.

We are more than mere accommodating, salute to Blood, any Chavez, all King, every Pope and tabletop Victory, we are inhaling hope.

So today?

Exhale agony.
Breathe good.

The only is us.

Yes. I’m using challenge terms but not hurting words, merely lifting heart to truth, so do not worry that I’m simply male and hurting you: Oh no, Jesus, me, are better things.

O’ so water more…!

Thus your sweet strength isn’t taunted nor taken nor teased, but honored please, if believing can be better than knowing.

Keep us together awhile.

We’re not worth throwing away if what’s humble is every pride.