It’s the devil, stupid

“I live in a 25-room mansion, I have my own $6 million yacht, I have my own private jet and I have my own helicopter and I have seven luxury automobiles.”, says one evangelist.

The popular Kenneth Copeland of Kenneth Copeland Ministries lives in a large mansion in Texas. He recently asked his audience to help him spread the gospel by giving him $20 million to buy a new jet.

Trinity Broadcasting sits on a $340 million cash hoard, and owns houses in an exclusive Orange County, Calif., community hidden behind very regal gates – one mansion worth about $4 million, and an even bigger one — over 10,000 square feet — that’s worth about $6 million. The Crouches also travel the world in a jet worth a reported $7 million.

Stewardship Partners is a $3.5 billion “christian’ investment fund.

There are at least 28 Christian groups, including some of the most successful televangelists in America, that have little or no financial transparency. (Click here to see the full list.) There’s a backlog of 500 groups that ought to be investigated.

ABC News is covering how millions of christian donors are sending their dollars to prop up hundreds of misleading christian charities and evangelist hustlers. [Finally, as if this were a deeply hidden issue… ]