it isn’t just about money

Let’s take a longer-term view of economic and societal well-being. Let’s make something good from this that will benefit our grandchildren.

Maxine Udall:

Please, sir, may we have some justice?

We and our elected representatives have a choice to make.

Cartoonist: Steve SackWe can continue to compensate clueless bankers way beyond their value and we can continue to allow them to cluelessly manage financial institutions for their own short-term short-sighted gains until they plunge the rest of us into serfdom or we can change how they are compensated and maybe even who is compensated (as in throw the bums out) and we can change the rules by which they are allowed to ‘play’ with our money.

The latter shouldn’t be rocket science were it not for the wealth and power bankers are able to exert in their own interest.

If the political will is not there now to do this, for heaven’s sake, when will it be????