Is there science behind happiness?

Defining happiness is like defining insanity, but you know it when you see it.

Stumbling on Happiness is an award winning science book about what people do to make themselves happy.

…the science behind the pursuit of happiness – cognitive science and psychology – provides intriguing insights into human nature, helping us to understand why we make decisions…

Every happy person experiences the same feeling, but different things bring on that feeling.

Prime anthropological stuff:
The author is a leading researcher of ‘affective forecasting’, the prediction of emotional states – cognitive bias, empathy gap, impact bias, immune neglect…[wiki].

“People will rearrange their view of the world so it doesn’t hurt as much.

“What we fear is usually clear but we’re more often wrong than we are right when we try to achieve happiness.” [article at Harvard’s Gazette]

anthropology is from the Greek word ???????? = human

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