Is a Federal Agency Immune?

NOLA levee break, FEMA photoU.S. District Judge Stanwood Duval’s 40-page ruling “paves the way for the first and only trial that will likely be held on how the Army Corps of Engineers drowned New Orleans.”

The trial will decide “questions of material fact” about what caused the flooding.

From the New Orlean’s News Ladder:

We just wanna swing this coconut for the people again… since we know everyone is busy getting they holidaze on’n’all… but this Trial by Jury will be happening right about time for Mardi Gras, in 113 DAYS!

It will be the trial of the century.

It will make or break the story of the Corps of Engineers’ Negligent Homicide in the Federal Flood of New Orleans. This trial by jury will also test our ability to have any hand in our own flood control for the future.

All the King’s horses and all the Queen’s men don’t matter one gnat’s ass If The Levees Break Again.