inventing belief and power

Max Blumenthal, Republican GomorrahInside Sarah Palin’s church: A radical Pentecostal, God began to speak to her about politics.

Rooted in an explicitly anti-intellectual creation myth where Satan had sex with Eve and gave birth to Cain—the so-called ‘Serpent Seed’, through Cain came all the smart, educated people—the intellectuals.

“We come against that python spirit. We come against that spirit of witchcraft as the body of Christ. Right now in the name of Jesus!

“Ooooh-raba-saka-ta-la. Come on, pray, pray!

“Raba-sandalalala-bebebebekalabebe. Shanda-la-bebebeka-lelebebe. That’s why we come against all forms of witchcraft. All the python spirits that are released against the body of Christ . . . and bring this nation into the Kingdom.”

Onward for an anointing:

We will put our feet against the head of the enemy and crush the python spirit by stepping on the enemy’s neck.