internetenet – tenet for the internet:

It is clear that the largest explosion in human history is commencing now and it is the explosion in the use of the spectrum.

Those who celebrate greatness in existing media today will be the curiosity of history tomorrow.

Those who believe to be in control of the new fingerprint of media, the territory of new culture and idiom, are in fact more vulnerable than ever before.

The spectrum may be a new and tangible territory that shall not give easily to tyranny.

Promoting action to manage information and its utility. This post is taken from my policy presentations at a 1980’s ‘conference on the future’ at the College of Marin, California. I was a director of a 501(c)3 called Community Renewal Inc. operating a short time under a charter to assist California community leaders including infrastructure and development trends under the information utility mandate. Much work remains….

“Instead of measuring quantity, we have to measure quality. And only when we do that will the true value of these new media be unlocked for everyone.” Jeff Jarvis

“People will acknowledge as just or fair only a social order that they themselves help to define.” Polsky, ’83 Democracy (winter)

“Local initiatives should have substantial content and communities should plan investments and administer services . Services in which would reassert the importance of places so people could rise with their communities not in spite of them.” Lockout, ’83 Democracy (winter)