Intelligent Health

Health MachinesIntel is building vertical and segmenting machines for the medical market. Can you see it coming?

Recent studies have shown that remote components “result in significantly better care”.

Soon, in our palms and on our tabletops we will be polishing new brand names such as the ‘Parent Alarm’, the ‘Tired Mommy’, the ‘Marathon Jogger’, the GPS-connected ‘Polar Bear Trophy Hunter’ or the ‘Alzheimer’s Finder’.

We can call these new sensors the Blood-Pressure Internet.

Automating medicine will bring extra machines but may not reduce our sense that health care is already robotic.

Some say we are confronting loose bankers using us; using us as an agriculture of greed, and I hope we’ll see America’s health care system sees us as green too.

The institution of medicine is what we perceive day by day, but this is old fashioned, out of date. Medicine is no longer a triumph under mere bureaucracy. Doctors are not eager to go to work. Students are in other careers. Medicine is our top jobs engine, but staff is unhappy. The drumming of reports and research is science that is not in most hospitals and never in clinics, but steered to industrial and regional pork. Desperate families are led by petri dish infomercials making rats of us all. Agency watchdogs are overwhelmed and politicized like legislators at lunch. The circus of conglomerates sell patent drugs like Disney sells cartoons. Not quite door to door, commissioned fleets and untethered 1099s follow us into every appointment.

Medicine is a mess, America, because it’s purpose is not society.

It’s not socialist pinko commie to demand better. Why? Because we are the buyers not the takers.

Because we are each for the many and our systems must serve us all.

To achieve a system of sensible medicine, our work as citizens is our most needed critical care.

Q: How do you like your society?
A: Intravenously.