Infinite meaning in infinite flux

We are all better artists than we realize. – Nietszche

The aim of his work, he tells us several times, is to destroy the rationalization of the Revenge motive, to lay bare every hidden resentment in every philosophy that provides justifications for intolerance and hatred.

says Robert Anton Wilson:

“The Buddhists seem to be pretty hip in saying that if you regard what remains as One (the Hindic Atman, etc.), you have not gone far enough. If you go far enough, they say, you will see that the One also implodes, and only Void remains.

“That is all good enough, for c.400 B.C., but the void never seemed quite the right metaphor to me. I think Nietzsche is more contemporary by saying that what remains is Chaos, infinite meaning in infinite flux, and Will to Power, the spirit of abundance and creativity, which is not One, not a final principle or a God-in-disguise, but just the resultant of the forces that make up the mesh of Chaos.

“The existentialists know that we create ourselves, but Nietzsche knows that we create our world, too, “We are all better artists than we realize”.

“The existentialists whine, mutter and complain.
Nietzsche laughs, jokes, flashes with wit and capers like a clown.”

Our values. Infinite possibilities.