Induced cracks

The numbers are getting warmer here too. One in three from time to time fails to control his or her temper.

“Angry young men and women suffering from arrogant bosses, rigid, oppressive class systems or sexual inadequacy, or laboring under thwarted ambitions, even if these have been inspired by grandiosity and unrealistic expectations rather than ability, have been destroying self-esteem and engendering fury since the Roman Empire.

Reporting a survey showing that people are becoming angrier, The Times reminds us that Jesus displayed commendable rage and that it’s stress that causes previously well-balanced personalities to crack.

On the other hand, maybe we choose to crack. Stanford University reports that more of us are willing to blow if we think our anger is useful. [story]

…people prefer to experience emotions that are potentially useful, even when they are unpleasant.

…what people prefer to feel at any given moment may depend, in part, on what they might get out of it.